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This could end up being a challenging group of pages. For me anyway. Whenever I think of a story from the Chronology my inclination is to draw a map. Usefully the landscape of Asteranor doesn’t much change over the millenia - though I have recently noticed a landscape error on the Tribal Period map - but what needs mapping out is the shifting political / societal organization relevant to each period. I’m clearly not at all bonkers.

The tribal period has to be the starting point - so many years , so many struggles, so different to the modern period. The trick was to decide when exactly. I plumped for AF2000. The Medes had lost their chieftan Kentreth’hal to the Valley of the Choosing, their neighbours, the Prydaisi, were more numerous and almost as dedicated to fighting their corner as the Medes themselves. On trading journeys back to the ancient home grounds of the Ice Age period they discovered soft southerners more concerned with skin care and exotic food than wielding a sword. They were ripe for the picking. At least that’s the sort of talk that had the Medes rampaging through the Cymraisi and Gothaen territories - very quickly as it happens given the vigorous response of those tribes - to find an easier to manage population - by which we mean easier to send packing - in the southern Elami region.

2000 predates the willful destruction of Susa and the siege of Anshan. It predates by several thousand years the making of the oxbow at Vuelta . If you come to this map late then I may well have corrected the error but I’ll let this sentence stand as a reminder -  I’ll need tons of feedback on such errors if I’m to get everything right eventually. If you spot an inconsistency and can be bothered let me know.

But what else to put in? I suspect the chaos surrounding the invasion of Matagorda by Magramedus is worthy of a campaign series; and what about the changes provoked by the Foundation of Gothery and creation of the Oathlands. Maybe a close up map of the cities of the Sunrise civilisation? The possibilities for displacement activity here are legion. I should of course get back to the writing...

For now you’ll have to put up with AF2000        -     GO TRIBAL                                






















Wilf Kelleher Jones
A Song of Ages