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                    the heft and the edge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     10/6/2020







         VERSE / SONG                                   new & used





      Secret Dreams (a valentine)


      In the dark before this dawn

      I'll find you in your room

      Asleep, your breath the only sound

      I need to hear.  I'll wait

      And as the dark gives way,

      And birds prepare the morning air

      With song to make you stir,

      Deep in down, stretching warm,

      A gentle smile will linger soft:

      Escaping tale of secret dreams,

      And I will catch my breath.

      A shy caress, the rising sun

      Will let his fingers play

      On pillowed strands of gold.

      Shall I reach out and touch the hand

      Nestled there?  And will you wake

      And smile again to melt me heart and soul?

      Or shall I fade in morning light:

      A ghost who'll watch and see you well

      But never show a face?




    This was not intended to be as creepy as it might sound.

    Many a Valentine’s day lover might say the same.